Boyd Transport Virtual Trucking Company Established 2018.



The DAF ATI is available in both Tandem and Tractor configurations and has first introduced in an 80s week event in 2019.


DAF 105

The DAF 105 was one of the original launch trucks for the VTC and has enjoyed a long service in regular use.


DAF 106 XF

The DAF 106 XF was one of the original launch trucks and has seen many custom designs during it's time with us.

DAF 106 XF Poppy Edition

The DAF 106 XF Poppy Edition was introduced for Armistice Day and has a regular outing every November. Many drivers consider it a real honour to sit behind her wheel.


DAF XG & XG+ are Boyd Transport's newest trucks and follows our everchanging image of ecological trucking.


DAF XG & XG+ are Boyd Transport's newest trucks and follows our everchanging image of ecological trucking.

Ford F MAX

Ford F MAX has been an underated truck since joining Boyd Transport with many drivers singing her praises.

Ford F MAX Nuka Cola Edition

This special edition was introduced by our current Driver Manager before handing the keys over for selection in our driver's pool of trucks to use.

Iveco Stralis

The Iveco Stralis didn't join us until 2019 and is rare to see in use at Boyd Transport.

Iveco Hi Way

The Iveco Hi Way is a common sight when driver's fancy a change of pace. Italian and fairly comfortable.

Iveco S Way

The S Way has been enjoyed by those that own the mod, with some interesting reactions from drivers. It is also the only Boyd Transport truck to ever visit China.


Our MAN range was available from launch and was one of the first truck brands that showed off our new livery.


Our MAN range was available from launch and was one of the first truck brands that showed off our new livery.

Mercedes Actros MP3

Whilst the Mercedes Actros MP3 is aging gracefully, this terrific truck still has plenty more to give to Boyd Transport.

Mercedes Actros MP4

A popular brand and model in our Mercedes range, the Actros remains one of the most shared trucks at Boyd Transport. Regular and reliable.

Mercedes Arocs

The Arocs is part of our Heavy Haulage trucks and is a really rare sight to see at Boyd Transport. Lets hope that changes.

Renault Magnum

The Renault Magnum recently celebrated it's anniversary and has been an ever present alternative for our drivers.

Renault Premium

The Renault Premium is still going strong with us today and was our first ever truck to perform our legendary 'driver relay'.

Renault Range T/EVO

The Renault Range T is fast becoming a modern workhorse of the fleet, enjoying many popular outings across Europe.  



Renault Range T Voyager Edition

The Renault Range T Voyager Edition is an award winning truck and the 2nd in the Boyd Transport fleet.



Renault Range T Poppy Edition

The Range T Poppy is another of our remembrance trucks.

Scania 143m

The Scania 143m is an old school classic that has seen life as a workhorse and a show truck.

Scania R 4 Series

The Scania 4 Series is a hallmark edged out in true style and one of our lead trucks to retain it's original Boyd Transport livery.



Scania R 2009

The Scania R is a workhorse of a truck that remains popular to this very day.



Scania T

The Scania T is an ever popular truck that's used in heavy haulage.



Scania R Silver Griffin

The Scania R Silver Griffin was one of the first special editions here at Boyd Transport.

Scania G

The Scania G was an interesting addition to our line up in 2019; expanding our Scania fleet even further.



Scania P

The Scania P is another addition that joined the fleet in 2019.



Scania R Next Generation

The Next Generation Scania R is very common to see on the roads of ETS2 now, with the same popularity as the S.



Scania R Red Passion Edition

The Scania R Red Passion Edition was our first special edition Next Generation Scania.



Scania S Next Generation

The Scania S is now a true workhorse in our fleet and rarely spends time in our garages across Europe.



Scania S Red Passion

The first Next Generation Scania S special edition to be used at Boyd Transport.



Volvo FH Classic

The Volvo FH has been around a long time but recently saw a new livery added so that it can be enjoyed for many more years to come.



Volvo FH16

Our strongest truck engine wise, the Volvo FH16 is a common sight across Europe.



Volvo FH16 25th Anniversary

Volvo 25th Anniversary is a fairly recent edition to the Volvo fleet and is becoming increasingly common on the roads.




The Volvo FH EEV is an exclusive to Boyd Transport Racing Trailers and is our first EEV truck in regular use. This helps maintain our image of green racing, spreading emissions through the virtual world and not our own.





Freightliner Cascadia

The first in our Freightliner range.




International Lonestar

The ever popular International Lonestar.




Kenworth W900

The classic trucking icon that is the Kenworth W900. The first truck in our official American expansion.



Kenworth T680

Part of SCS' original line up of trucks at launch, the Kenworth T680 supporting our new livery.



Mack Anthem

The recently introduced Mack Anthem.



Peterbilt 389

The second truck to hit the American black top in Boyd colours.



Peterbilt 579

Part of SCS' original line up of trucks at launch, the Peterbilt 579 supporting our new livery.



Volvo VNL

A real darkhorse in American trucking, the Volvo VNL.



Western Star

The Western Star in it's upgraded chassis.